So I failed. Again…

Just Meeks Speaks

My all time lowest point of 2016 finally came today. I took a hard hit when my examiner turned to face me this afternoon and say; “unfortunately Omique you weren’t successful this time” or something along those lines. I wasn’t surprised. I already knew I had failed. It didn’t sink in until I sat in the passenger seat of my instructor’s car, without my pass certificate that I had been expecting to receive. That’s when it hit me. That’s when the tears began to fall.

I sobbed all the way home. Completely shattered and heartbroken at the thought of having failed my practical driving test yet again. First class honours in my law degree but common driving test I couldn’t pass? I didn’t understand. One turn. One left turn had cost me my licence. I was gutted.

I bawled my eyes out from my front door, up the stairs to…

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