‘God said…but it didn’t work out’

‘Gods mercy is greater than our failures’ – I love this 🙏🏾💕


‘God said…but it didn’t work out, so was it really God or were you hearing things because God is not a liar…’

I have heard many versions of the above phrase spewed inconsiderately and in a ‘what are you saying now?’ way to Christians, who perhaps shared that God instructed them to do something. That ‘something’ could have been anything, but it was ‘good’, it is was honourable and would seemingly have brought glory to God.

What happens when that thing; albeit a relationship – from courtship to marriage, a career, a university course, anything that you believed God told you to pursue, flops?

What do you say to the people who were rooting for you? How do you deal with the overwhelming feeling of shame because your failings have satisfied those that were waiting for your downfall? How do you deal with the feeling of doubt for anything ‘God…

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