How to be intimate with God

Another week, another post glory to God.

Last week I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine, I can’t remember what exactly we were talking about but I asked her how often are you spending time with God? or something along those lines. And she said “I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll organise a schedule of when I’m going to pray and read my bible”.

How many times have you ever said to your friend “I’ll make a schedule and I’ll only speak to you in the morning for 2 minutes and the evening for 2 minutes because I don’t have any time in my 24 hour day to spend time with you. I’m just to busy for you.” Indirectly that’s how some of us are treating God. Yet we still come to Him and say “God please get me out of this situation”. That’s just not how you do it. Make spending time with God something to look forward too! Not a chore. You’re spending time with your creator not some distant relative you have nothing in common with. God knows you better than you know yourself!

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart

Jeremiah 1:5

Before you were born God already knew you, so why not spend time with Him and get to know Him?

So how do you get to know God?

This is something that many people including myself struggle with. There’s no specific set of rules that you must follow. However the bible does tell us to go to our room and close the door and pray to our father (Matthew 6:6).

 Preliminary issues:

  • First things first you’re going to need a bible that you can read and understand. I recommend the NCV version or the Amplified bible. The YouVersion bible app has loads of versions so you can go through those and have a look at the particular version you prefer. Even though you have the bible app, I still recommend using an actual bible when  having alone time with God. There’s nothing like holding the word of God in your hands. I was using my phone for a really long time but when I started using my bible it was a completely different feeling. But it’s entirely up to you.
  • An essential part of bible study is a notebook. When your studying for an exam you have a notebook you use to write notes in don’t you? It’s the same concept. To study the bible you need a notebook or a journal.
  • You can also listen to worship music as well, it just makes you feel in the mood to worship and spend time with God.
  • This isn’t very essential but I do this so I can remember specific verses which relate to a specific area I may be struggling with. I struggle with anxiety from time to time so I decided to write down a bible verse about being afraid and I say it to myself whenever I feel anxious and I feel calm instantly!
  • I use journal’s to sort of write down all my thoughts and feelings and instead of writing ‘Dear Diary’ I write ‘Dear Abba’ (Abba means Father).

Now we can begin

  1. Seek Him

Seeking God is so important, God knows our hearts so He knows if we’re serious about wanting a relationship with Him or if we just want Him to do something for us. Many people only come to God when they want something and as soon as they get it they completely forget about God and carry on living in sin! The bible says ‘Seek first the Kindgom of God and all other things shall be given to you’. But people do this backwards, we constantly ask Him for things without seeking His kingdom! God is the supplier of all our needs, so long as what we ask for is in agreement with His words, and it’s something that He wants for us then of course we’ll get it. But we must first seek Him.

2. Be consistent

Intimacy with God is a constant thing. Once you start you have to make it a habit otherwise it won’t work. It’s got to be a 2/7 kinda thing. Some of you may be thinking but Maudlss I don’t have time to have intimacy God every single day. If you have time to see your significant other then surely you can make time to spend with the Alpha and the Omega! He wants to spend time with you! He loves you so much.

For example, if you were entering into a new relationship with someone you would spend time with them, you would go out for dinner and call them and text them. Well if you’re entering into a relationship with God you should realistically spend twice that amount of time with God. God is a jealous God, you can’t put anyone or anything before Him. If you spend more time with your partner than you do with God then you’re basically putting your partner before God.

I have a friend who only talks to me when she needs help with coursework, she’ll call me whenever she needs help or wants something from me. That’s how some of us treat God. Whenever we want something or need Him to get us out of our current situation then we call Him. We must be consistent in our walk with Christ.

3. Don’t go back to your old ways

How can you reap the benefits of a relationship that you don’t have? You’ll go to church on Sunday and pray to God to supply you with all your needs. Then during the week you go back to you old ways again. That’s why He says ‘depart from me, I never knew you’. You’re just a side man. You’re beggin it. That that’s essentially what that scripture means. None of us will be begs in Jesus name. LOL.

Heavenly father, I thank you for giving us the grace to know you more. We know that the desire we have to know you Lord can only come from you. You’re the one who calls us first Lord and the desire and hunger we have to know is only a response from your first call. Draw us nearer to you Lord, change our harden hearts. Give us a new heart so that we will have a yearning to know you more Lord. In Jesus name. Amen






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