Hello everyone!

So today I’m talking about obedience as you can see from the title lol.

This whole week I’ve been waiting on the Lord for advice about a dream I had a while ago. In the dream I was given instructions to do something and because I didn’t listen to God and obey Him, every single day throughout this week I heard God reminding me to do what He asked of me. And because I didn’t want to do it, I assumed it wasn’t God talking to me just my own imagination. That was my first mistake.

The thing is when God tells us to do something and we refuse it hinders are ability to hear His voice clearly. The more you obey, the louder and clearer His voice is.  If you want to hear from God you need to check your heart. Do you obey Him when He gives you an instruction? I didn’t and every single day this week God has been telling me to listen to Him and do what He told me to do! It wasn’t until I got to church yesterday for bible study and the topic was can you guess? ‘OBEDIENCE’ and I was like raahh.. This isn’t a coincidence, I still didn’t obey because I wasn’t 100% sure. I even went and spoke to my pastor afterwards, I didn’t even mention anything about what God was telling me to do. We just had a normal conversation and he said “All is well, it’ll be fine” and I was thinking huh.. where did that come from? the only reason I didn’t obey God was because I was afraid. So God was talking to me through my pastor and told me “All is well, it’ll be fine”. When God gives us a set of instructions and we don’t obey the first time He’ll tell us over and over again in different forms until we have know choice but to obey Him. The same thing happened to Jonah, remember him? The guy that got swallowed by a whale. When I decided I wanted to have a relationship with God and encounter Him on a completely different level the first book I read was the book of Jonah.

I have this journal that I write in and I basically write about my thoughts and feelings and all that. As I was writing I heard God say ‘My daughter’ and I ignored it because I knew what He was going to say. That was my second mistake, ignoring God is never a good idea. Anyway, I looked at the bottom of the page and there was a quote from the book of Joshua.

Be strong and courageous! For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go

Joshua 1:9

Is that a coincidence? Nope. That’s God mate. So is there something God’s telling you to do? Has he given you a set of instructions? Obey Him. He has a plan for you, He will take control of your entire situation if you let Him. I know sometimes it may be scary but God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear.

In Jeremiah 29:11 it says..

‘I say this because I know what I am planning for you’, says the Lord. “I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you hope and a good future”.

I’ve been taking control of my own life and last year I made a mess of it. This time I decided to give my life to God and let Him control things and so far it’s been amazing. How about you? Why don’t you give God an opportunity to take control of your life, you won’t regret it.

Abba father, I thank you for the life of your son/daughter who is reading this message today. Lord I ask that you will give them the spirit to obey you. This I ask in the name of your son Jesus Christ who died for us so that we would not die but have ever lasting life. We love you most high God. You alone are worthy Lord. May your name be praised forever more. Amen.





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