Unequally yoked

This might get to some people.. as I said in my previous post I’m not an ‘It’s not that deep Christian’ so what I say on here may upset people but I don’t care. This could be what’s standing in the way of us all making heaven so. Christianity isn’t about spoon feeding people it’s about the truth.


Anyway so this is a yoke.. and it is used between a pair of animals (oxen) to enable them to carry heavy loads in pairs. The bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 6:14 to not be unequally yoked with unbelievers, it goes on to say in verse  15 “How can Christ and the devil have any agreement? What can a believer have together with a non-believer?” which basically means you guys have nothing in common. What business does light have with darkness? Your both going in separate directions. DO NOT BE UNEQUALLY YOKED ! Verse 17 goes on to say “Leave those people, and be separate, says the Lord. Touch nothing that is unclean, and I will accept you”. Is your boyfriend/girlfriend hindering you from having a relationship with God? Verse 17 clearly says “Leave those people” so.. hello??? Leave that toxic relationship!

How does this link to a yoke? Well, if your in a relationship with somebody who isn’t a Christian or who doesn’t see God as a priority in their life then how can they encourage you to seek God? How can they encourage you to fulfil your God given purpose. All they’ll do is distract you. You may be thinking this is harsh but it’s the truth. As children of God we need to put God first and that’s what’s missing in the world today. We’re not putting God first, our boyfriend/girlfriend is our idol. If your in a relationship with someone and he/she isn’t encouraging you to seek God first or improve your relationship with God then…

Below are a few bible passages:

As iron sharpens iron, so people can improve each other

Proverbs 27:17

In order for you to improve each other you must constantly dwell in the word and fellowship together.

This is true because if two or three people come together in my name, I am there with them.

Matthew 18:20

Then those who honoured the Lord spoke with each other, and the Lord listened and heard them. The names of those who honoured the Lord and respected Him were written in His presence in a book to be remembered.

Malachi 3:16

Furthermore being unequally yoked can occur in any relationship i.e. friendships and what not. I just used boyfriend/girlfriends as an example because it’s something we can all relate too. You can have friends who don’t encourage you to know God and if that’s the case then ask God to remove you from such people. Or you can pray that God will minister to them so they may begin to know God. Iron sharpens iron, is your friend encouraging you to grow deeper in your faith? No? get some new friends. Because if your friend doesn’t encourage you to know God then they have nothing to offer you. Here’s an example, most of us are at university or college. Who would you rather be friends with in order to get a really good grade.. People who are smart and study or people who miss their lectures and don’t encourage you or motivate you to focus? It’s the same concept with Christianity. Your mum has probably said don’t talk to that girl or boy because they’re a bad influence? It’s exactly the same thing.

Lord I pray for the body of Christ. I ask that you will forgive us for our sins and strengthen us to be rooted in your word and remove any pointless distractions that the enemy has used to sway us from getting to know you Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.


I have no specific plan or structure as to when I post a blog, I just do it whenever I feel like God wants me to share something. That could mean that I post a blog everyday this week or never post again for the next months! I’m not perfect none of us our but by Gods grace we’ll get there!



A video I found about being unequally yoked


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