Our Image


Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image and likeness. And let them rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the tame animals, over all the earth, and over all the small crawling animals on the earth.”

Genesis chapter 1:26

The bit I want to pick out from this particular  verse is ‘Let us make human beings in our image and likeness.’ When we as Christians are glorifying God we tell Him how beautiful He is. We use words such as Awesome God, Rose of Sharon, Yahweh etc etc. These our powerful names that we use when we’re giving God praise. Since God made us in His own image and likeness then aren’t we beautiful? We’re always comparing ourselves to others but we forget that He has a plan and purpose for each of our lives. Instead of standing on His word and trying to build a relationship with Him we’re worrying about having the most fleeky eyebrows or if our closure is on point??! Bruh! Get a grip! Wake up and smell the coffee! Jesus is coming soon to collect His bride and if we don’t focus on the bigger picture and try and make sure our souls are on fleek we aren’t going to make heaven.

Enough beating yourself up and comparing yourselves to all these other girls on Twitter, Youtube or instagram. Stop looking for a bae and look for Jesus! The author and finisher of our faith! There’s no use saying ‘Oh I’m a Christian already, I’m saved I go to church every Sunday’ nah hunny that’s not good enough. You need to know God on a personal level. We have all been put on this earth for a purpose and we must know God on an intimate level in order to fulfil it. I saw this short clip on twitter last night and it shook me to my core, I’ll link it below but basically the guy was saying we can praise God all we want and He’ll just look at you and say ‘Do I know you?’ and most of us do that. Last year … well…in the beginning of last year I was a complete wreck! I’d go to church every Sunday and that was the only day during the whole entire week that I would pray to God. I didn’t have a relationship with Him.. I didn’t know Him at all. It was only towards the end of the year that God stepped in and turned my life around and then I began to develop a personal relationship with Him.

What I’m trying to say is all this petty stuff that we all seem to be worrying about is completely irrelevant in comparison to what God wants us to do. I’m not saying we should go outside and look like a complete train wreck all in the name of having a relationship with God, all I’m saying is we shouldn’t make that our idol. How many of us watch YouTube make-up and hair tutorials ? I certainly do. Can you say hand on heart that you spend twice the amount of time you spend watching Youtube tutorials sitting before the Lord and trying to have a relationship with Him? You see all of this stuff is what the enemy has used as a distraction to try and sway us from focusing on what’s really important. Imagine if Jesus comes and you miss it just because you wasted all of this time trying to figure out how to perfect your contour instead of trying to perfect your relationship with God? Your spirit man is dying!!! We need to get right with God and seek His face and ask Him to take control of our lives! Enough of being unequally yoked! Get out of that crappy relationship! Stop comparing yourself to others, don’t be envious or jealous of others just focus on God. He created you in His image and likeness so by default you are beautiful and He has a plan for you. And you can say within yourself ahh it’s not that deep she’s just chattin bareeee. But if you like you can be a “It’s not that deep Christian” but that’s not gonna be me mate and I pray it won’t be you either!

Enough! Stop saying I’ll become a real Christian when I graduate or when I get married or when I have kids. Do it now! Live for God now! Don’t be one of those it’s not that deep Christians because before you know it it’ll be judgement day and they’ll be thinking h’oh my gosh if only I had followed that girl/guy who spoke to me about Jesus, instead I was saying its not that deep. God please oh!  (Dunno why I decided to go african lol forgive me) Then they’ll end up in hell for doing “Oh it’s not that deep”. God forbid we shall all make heaven in Jesus name! If whatever  your doing is stopping you from having a relationship with God then clearly it’s not of God it’s of the devil.. God wants us to have a relationship with Him. The enemy doesn’t want us to know God because he knows that if we do it’s gonna be peak for him. We need to be on fire for God so if that means that I’m gonna go crazy for God then so be it. I refuse to be a ‘It’s not that deep Christian’.

I pray that God will touch each and every one of us in Jesus name. Lord I thank you for your child reading this today and I pray that you will minister to them Lord. Draw them nearer to you heavenly father and may they begin to encounter you Lord. In Jesus name Amen


Do you really know God? <– The video on twitter I was talking about

@Maudlssxo <—- My twitter

My channel <—- Youtube channel


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